Motiva Round

Motiva® Round Implants are well-known for their fullness in the upper pole region of the implant. This creates fullness in the upper part of the breast with more noticeable cleavage, while establishing a round bottom and contours towards the upper chest.

Motiva® Round Implants highlight a balanced gel elasticity and firmness. Thus, increasing the upper-pole fullness and enhancing a younger active physical appearance. This type of breast implant is gaining popularity among those who want to have a fuller-looking breast profile.

ProgressiveGel® PLUS

It has a silicone elastomer shell that is filled with ProgressiveGel® PLUS. This unique silicone gel guarantees a complete filling to the implant while maintaining its softness and stability. It is also responsible for the fuller shape of the implants while reducing any possibility of unwanted implant rippling.

The ProgressiveGel® PLUS meets the needs of women who desire more volume in the upper portion of their breast profile, reducing the visibility of breast sagging, enhancing a fuller cleavage and transferring the nipples to the center of the breasts.


The SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® is a uniform shell with an advanced smooth outer surface used in all Motiva Implants®. The implant surface is smoothed out by using 3D printing technology, which also results in an even thickness throughout the implant shell. Its shells, unlike other implants, do not use the salt/sugaring method. Thus, it lowers the risk of complications caused by freon from unnecessary substances.

Furthermore, SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® is designed to be biocompatible with breast tissues and ensures that each contact point on the surface is smaller than a single cell. It lowers the chances of implant-related complications like capsular contracture, late seroma, and BIA-ALCL. Based on the latest report, there have been no reported cases of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma associated with Motiva Implants® (BIA-ALCL).


TrueMonobloc® is a shell configuration that links all of the implant components (gel, shell, and patch), creating a unified structure. It results in a high-performance implant with tensile strength, high elasticity, and controlled surface.

Another advantage of Motiva Implants® is it can be stretched without rupturing. In comparison to traditional implants, which require a 5cm incision, this allows the implant to be inserted through a significantly smaller incision, ranging from 2.5cm to 3cm. During recovery, smaller incisions result in less scarring, less pain, and less bleeding.


BluSeal® is a Motiva Implants®-exclusive implant shell technology created to give an additional protective layer to the implants. Aside from protecting the implants, it also helps your surgeon detect any defects or damage in the implant such as gel bleed, ruptures, and compromised implant shell before inserting it into a patient’s body.

The BluSeal® emits a bluish color, as the name implies, indicating that the implant is completely intact and not compromised.

Always Confident Warranty

The Always Confident Warranty® covers all Motiva® Breast Implants against cases of rupture for the lifetime of the implant.

It provides replacement implants for the one affected with rupture, free of charge. Motiva can also provide the other pair of the same implant, upon surgeon’s recommendation.

Product Replacement Policy

Product Replacement Policy covers cases of Baker Grades III and IV capsular contracture.

It provides replacement implants for the one affected with capsular contracture, free of charge. Motiva can also provide the other pair of the same implant, upon surgeon’s recommendation.