Tips on Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation in the Philippines


Choosing the right surgeon is one of the most vital decisions a patient needs to consider before plastic surgery. In this day and age,, there are a lot of doctors performing cosmetic plastic surgery like breast augmentation, but not all of them are specialized in the field of breast augmentation, including here in the Philippines. For those considering to undergo breast augmentation, in order to ensure the best results, it is important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon for your procedure. Experience serves as an important factor not just only for the success of your breast augmentation procedure but for aesthetic purposes as well. 

With the increasing number of plastic surgeons in the Philippines, visiting their websites can help you distinguish their qualifications. You should be able to find their basic information, their expertise in breast augmentation, or the other procedures or services they can perform. These are some of the factors you should consider when finding and choosing the right plastic surgeon for your breast surgery.

Also, you might be thinking about the other tips to select a suitable surgeon for you. This article will be of help to devise a solid decision.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon in the Philippines

  1. Look for board certification. Any plastic surgeon that ends up on your shortlist should be board certified by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery and the Philippine College of Surgeons. Being a board-certified surgeon means earning a medical degree from a qualified medical institute, or have completed 3 to 7 years of accredited residency training. Moreover, this means the surgeon is licensed by a state medical board and has passed more than one exam from the PBPS. 
  2. Confirm the Surgeon’s Experience. Looking for credentials that may indicate that the surgeon is qualified to perform breast augmentation. Of course, you shall pick the surgeon whose expertise is about breast augmentation, this is to help you determine the factors that can assure the results of your breast augmentation surgery. If the surgeon is experienced, it can give you vast knowledge that their credentials are not for show, but an outcome of years of practice. With that said, the more experience your surgeon has for the better the outcome. 
  3. Consider reviews and testimonials. When considering breast augmentation in the Philippines, you shouldn’t be just looking at the aesthetic side of things, do take into consideration your safety and not to mention, an enjoyable journey. Look  for a suitable plastic surgeon that does not only revolve on their experience but also their service. Taking into account their past clients’ reviews and testimonials may help you with your decision. With customers being satisfied, this means that the consistency and service of the surgeon is already an advantage. Of course, you shall not rely solely on the reviews and testimonies, if you want to make sure of the said  quality of their service is true, you can seek consultation with the surgeon. 
  4. Go for Consultation. If you want to make sure that you are in good hands, meeting or talking to the surgeon will be of help. The importance of having a consultation is to help you thoroughly and personally examine and evaluate the best surgeon for your procedure. Take this time as well to personally ask for their credentials or experiences. If the surgeon avoids talking about training and professional qualifications, this may be a negative sign. Also, beware of surgeons who tell you that breast augmentation imposes no risks. All surgeries have risks, and these should be discussed thoroughly. Moreover, the surgeon should help you be aware and educated about your options and advise the best technique for your aesthetic needs. 
  5. Look for a Surgeon with Safe and Reliable Implants. Breast Implants should also be considered when you find the right surgeon for your breast surgery. Implants that embody safety and reliability should be taken into account to avoid health issues or implant complications. With that said, Motiva Implants®  are highly sought after breast implants in the Philippines given its high-technological features that focus on safety and optimal aesthetic results. Surgeons who have been using this implant have been satisfied as it offers a wide array of aesthetic benefits for the patients. Also, Motiva® Breast Implants are supported by a 10 Year warranty program that covers your implant from rupture and product replacement in case of capsular contracture. 

You can read more about Motiva Implants® here and other information about breast augmentation in the Philippines. Also, you may click here for a list of board certified plastic surgeons around the country that offer Motiva Implants®